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Monday, October 27, 2008

Welcome to 2008-2009

Welcome, new and returning volunteers to EarthCo.!

The Vine, the blog of EarthCo., hasn't been updated recently, so here's a brief recap: EarthCo. continues to meet each Monday at 8:00 pm in Hamilton 413. We just started a plastic bag recycling/tote bag distribution drive, and expect more campaigns, such as Go Cold Turkey! in the near future. We'll also be cosponsoring two upcoming events for Native American Heritage month. And of course Earth Tutors is up and running!

We also have new leadership! Please welcome 3 new coordinators to EarthCo.: Talia, Prospero, and David. Talia and Prospero run more of the campus and community action side of EarthCo., while David and Jason run Earth Tutors.

Speaking of Earth Tutors, we're excited to announce that we've recently opened up at a new school, so that we are currently teaching at our first site, the Urban Science Academy (USA), in South Bronx, and now at the Future Leaders Institute (FLI) in Harlem. Both programs meet on Friday afternoons at the 116th and Amsterdam gates. For USA, we leave Columbia at 1:30 pm and return by around 4:15. For FLI, we leave Columbia around 2:45 and return around 5:15.

Keep checking back for more updates!