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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Earth Week

Earth Week is our biggest event series of the year, and is a really awesome time. For the entire week, from April 16-April 22 (Earth Day), we hold lectures, dinners, games, movie screenings, and more.

Last year, the keynote address was held in Low Library and delivered by Dr. Peter Eisenberger and Dr. Graciela Chichilnisky. They discussed the possibility of a global thermostat to regulate Earth's temperature and the policies necessary to bring developing and developed countries together to fight climate change in a mutually beneficial way. The week also included a screening of Cane Toads! An Unnatural History...the greatest movie every made about an invasive amphibian species. The week was capped off with the annual Earth Week Battle of the Bands co-sponsored with Bacchanal Special Events and featuring student bands along with CU Public Safety's very own Michael Layne.

We start planning our events for Earth Week early in the semester, so come to our meetings (Mondays, 8 pm, Hamilton 413) soon if you'd like to help out (although you're of course welcome at any time in the semester!). We're looking forward to a great Earth Week '08, and we'd love you to be involved!

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